December 01 -30               “A touch of Vietnam”, at the Volvo Art Gallery, Singapore. Read more...

November 28 – December 3 “30 years of the Fine Art Association of HCMC”, HCMC

November 11-21              “ In Steps Impressions 3”, 5P Artist’s Club, at the Exhibition

                                           Hall of HCMC. Read more... or here.

September 21-27              “ Green Bridge”, Galaxy Artist’s Club, at the Fine Art

                                          Association of HCMC

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March 4-13                    “The colors of Hanoi and Saigon 2”, at the Exhibition Hall of

                                         HCMC , Links :,



The annual “In Step Impression”- an exhibition, organized by 5P Club’s famous painter, Nguyen Thi Tam, aimed at creating opportunities for young and amateur painters to meet and interact with renowned painters - opened November 11 at 92 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCMC.

This year’s exhibition consists of 95 works of 14 artists focusing on the countryside landscapes of southern Vietnam.
A painting by Tran Thuy Linh at the show

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Ngày 11/11/2011, tại Nhà triển lãm TP.HCM, Câu lạc bộ họa sĩ 5P đã khai mạc triển lãm tranh mang tên "Cùng sánh bước 3" - In Steps Impression 3.

Read more: Hội ngộ "Cùng sánh bước"


Series triển lãm mỹ thuật "Cùng sánh bước" - In Steps Impression, tổ chức hai năm một lần, bất ngờ diễn ra ngoài thông lệ từ sự hội ngộ của nhiều họa sĩ tại TP.HCM.

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